Doctoral School of History, University of Szeged

The Doctoral School of History at the University of Szeged works since 1994 and is one of the oldest such institutions in Hungary. In the beginning, doctoral training was conducted in the Doctoral Program of Medieval Studies, which was extended with the Modern Age Program in 1996 and with the Antiquity Program in 2001. New scholarly vistas were opened in the doctoral training with the launching of the Program in Contemporary and Comparative History in 2014 and the Program of Archaeology in 2015 that runs within the Medieval Studies Program. The Medieval Studies Archaeology Program is in partnership with a nationwide recognised as well as internationally renowned scholarly workshop that carries out important historical research into medieval Hungarian history and the history of the steppe in particular. Similarly acclaimed is the research conducted in the Modern Age Doctoral Program with its focus on the history of the Mediterranean world, the Ottoman period of Hungarian history and the political history of Hungary in the 19th century. Social history features as a prominent field besides traditional topics in the Program in Contemporary and Comparative History. The Doctoral School nurtures a wide range of national and international

Data Sheet of the Doctoral School

Identification number of the doctoral school: 105
Institution: University of Szeged
Research field: History
Name of the Doctoral School: Doctoral School of History
The year of accreditation: The provisional accreditation took place in 2001 and final in 2002
HAC accreditation: full compliance
Number of resolution: 2020/2/IX/2/2
Resolution date: 2020. II. 21.
Expiration date: 2025. II. 21.

The Doctoral School’s data sheet ont he website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council: